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Days We Live For

Days We Live For

“Days we Live For”

40” long, 15” wide, 1.5” thick canvas

A highly textured water/skyline with with birch.

I painted this with palette knives after a drive to the lake, I’m very much drawn to the water, it calms my mind. I created this piece to be calming but invigorating, knowing good things are on the horizon.

I had a visual image in my head from that drive and I love how it came out on the canvas, multiple shades of blues & turquoise create striking skyline, imagining where the sky and water meet.

Can you imagine being there listening to the waves and watching the trees sway in the wind… the days we love for.

It’s a long piece and definitely a statement piece, it would be beautiful in any room.

$600.00 includes shipping anywhere in the continental US

(Or delivered in person if you are in the state of Michigan)

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