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“Where The Heart Goes”

“Where The Heart Goes”

“Where the Heart Goes”

Art is not just a reflection of our surroundings, but a reflection of our hearts. My walks with Roxi through the natural beauty here in Michigan have inspired these small pieces of artwork, capturing the essence of the places that bring me peace and joy. When we look at art, we don’t just see it; we feel it. It has the power to awaken memories and emotions connecting us to our past, our loved ones, and our truest selves.

While these canvases may be small they are powerful.

They are textured, acrylic, palette knife paintings.

I hope you enjoy them, Bobbi

8”x 8”x 1.5” canvases, wired and ready to hang.


$65.00 plus $10.00 to ship anywhere in the Continental US


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